June 27, 2015Articles, Personal Stories

The Family Juggle

Marlon and Desiree Grant have been able to make life simple by adhering to certain big, important priorities. Desiree says, “If the big, important things are a constant, when the peripheral things careen out of control, we don’t crum...

June 27, 2015Articles, Personal Stories

Twice Liberated

Growing up in Poland in the 1970s and ’80s meant that my family and I lived under the oppression of the Soviet Union and its communist rule. It meant facing arrest and interrogation when expressing one’s negative opinion of the gover...

March 19, 2015Articles

Meals for the Needy

Valley Forge Baptist is known as the Caring Church. Very often one of our guests will say that he received a warm and friendly welcome while visiting our church. But it’s more than just during a service. Our church family goes above an...

March 19, 2015Articles, ,

Be an Encourager

All of us need encouragement. We need somebody to believe in us, to reassure and reinforce us, to help us pick up the pieces and go on, to fuel our flame of determination as we face the odds against us. I doesn’t matter how influential...