November 20, 2014Articles

Facing the Goliaths of Life (Part 2)

The third step is to realize there may be consequences to one’s sin.          III.  The Consequences of Sin (2 Samuel 12:14; Psalm 32, 38,39) In David’s silence he brought more consequences upon himself for failing to immedi...

November 13, 2014Articles

Facing the Goliaths of Life (Part 1)

Have you ever been around a committed Christian who you knew was living in unconfessed sin?  How did they act?  What was their demeanor like?  Often times their countenance gives them away.   David had the huge Goliath of unconfesse...

September 6, 2014Answers Series, Articles

How Do I Deal With My Past?

For many people, the past is a painful period of life that may hold bad memories, harsh relationships, and painful events that people carry with them throughout life. If not dealt with properly, the events of the past can have adverse ef...

June 29, 2014Articles

A Gift To All

My story begins in a little rural town in Ontario, Canada. My parents were both raised in the Mennonite religion and were taught that good works and baptism would get them to heaven. They worked very hard to keep the Ten Commandments and...

June 27, 2014Articles

Memorable Moments

…and Some I’d Rather Forget Former Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. His 16-5 playoff record is second only to Vince Lombardi’s. Eight times in 12 seasons he led the Redskins t...