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The Banana-Seat Bike

I sat up in bed, blinking into the dark, trying to remember if I had to get ready for school, or if it was Saturday. I squinted at the clock on my nightstand—2:03 a.m. Why am I awake? I yawned, rubbing my eyes. Suddenly I remembered, ...

November 9, 2018Personal Stories

My Shield

When I was a child and found myself waking up from a bad dream or fearing a monster under my bed, my first reaction was to find my father. I knew if he was near he would pick me up, hold me in his arms, and tell me there was nothing to b...

August 28, 2018Articles, Family

Sticky Faith

How can we pass on our faith to our children? How can we create a faith that they want to follow…a faith that is “sticky”? Passing the faith on to our children is the most important job we have as parents. But how do you have a fai...

August 28, 2018Articles, Family

Making Family Memories

Instant replays have become old hat. We now expect them in all televised sports. Whether it’s a tennis pro’s impressive backhand or an NBA center’s slam dunk or a heavyweight boxer’s smashing jab, we never have to worry about missing it ...

June 21, 2018Articles

Caring Kids Preschool

Caring Kids Preschool was established to provide your child a Godly, loving, caring, and stimulating environment. We provide a safe, healthy surrounding concerned staff, in a warm, trusting, home-like setting. Our mission is to provide t...

June 20, 2018Articles, Personal Stories

Hope Is Not Lost

The personal salvation story of Glenn Parson—member at Valley Forge Baptist. Getting Lost I was raised in a middle-class family. My parents were good people; kind, hard-working, and good-natured. All in all, I had a pretty normal upbrin...