July 1, 2013Personal Stories

More Than Spring Cleaning

Before I had even opened the door and begun walking down the stairs, an awful dread filled my heart. I could ignore the situation no longer—my basement had to be cleaned. With visions of the producers of the infamous show “Hoarders...

January 18, 2012Personal Stories, ,

An Eternal Home

The evening prior to my grandfather’s open-heart surgery, I sat at the foot of his hospital bed as he recounted the exchange he had had with his surgeon. “The doctor told me I might not live through the surgery tomorrow,” my grand...

January 18, 2012Community Stories, ,

Tips for Teens

Ah, the teenage years. I feel like it was just yesterday that I embarked on those never-forget years of being a teenager. There were many memories made during my teen years: high school, heading off to college, first time to Disney World...