C.H. Spurgeon said, “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.”  Many people have read or know about my testimony tract, “Armed and Dangerous.”  I have printed 72,000 of them, and a number of people also have printed them.  In 2006, The Fellowship Tract League, in Ohio distributed the story to 30 different countries around the world.

To multiply and distribute the testimony of our daily lives is exactly what Jesus Christ wants us to do when we turn our hearts in faith to Him for salvation (John 3:7). Then He receives glory through our lives as we live in obedience to His written Word. The picture is in John 6:1-13, when Jesus feeds 5,000.  When the lad gave his lunch to Jesus, He took the loaves and fishes, gave thanks, broke them, and told His disciples to distribute the food among many, many, many people, and they were all satisfied.  Jesus will do the same with us when we place our lives in His hands.

Besides living a life of crime, violence, drugs and alcohol, and going to prison eight times as well as overdosing on illegal drugs eight times, I had some real opportunities in life.  In high school, I was a pitcher on the baseball team.  I even turned down a meeting with a scout.  I then went on to play tennis in high school, as well as in college.  I dropped out of college to tour the USTA-Penn professional tennis satellite circuit in 1978.  Within a couple of years, I began racing motorcycles, and within 13 weeks, I turned expert/pro in the 500cc Open Pro Motocross.  Several years later, I started a business as a certified chimney sweep and quickly moved up in the world of success. I was highlighted in Entrepreneur Magazine and Consumer’s Digest, in an article titled “How to Make $200.00 a Day, $1000.00 a Week in Your Spare Time” (1988).

I share these things to explain that I have worked, lived, played, and toured with some big events and famous people, some of whom are those that are only read about or seen on TV.  But the truth is, nothing I did lasted, and I was always empty.

Today I am clean, sober, saved, and happy.  Emptiness has been replaced with fulfillment.  I have peace, satisfaction, and contentment inside that is beyond understanding and description.  I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.


Article by Mitch Zajac

Author: Editor

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