Veteran Don Evans was flown to Hollywood to share his account of real tank battles in Germany during World War 2.  He spoke with actors Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf as they prepare for their upcoming film Fury.  Don Evans was wounded and captured as a POW when mortar fire hit his tank and blinded him.  When US forces liberated the German people from the Nazis, Evans and other POW’s were freed to come home. Evans only regained  sight in one of his eyes.


A double purple heart recipient, Evans shared events of his recent trip to Hollywood with his church family, Valley Forge Baptist Temple, where he serves as a deacon.  One church member expressed how grateful he is to know Don Evans personally – “He is a true American hero.” Another person said,  “…he is someone we can point our children to as a role model as opposed to what we often see highlighted by the media today.”   Evans’ family accompanied him to Hollywood  where he spoke to several actors and film directors.

Don Evans has published his memoirs in his book, The Odyssey of an Iron Knight .  This book may be purchased from the Valley Forge Baptist Bookstore.


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