Did you find yourself this winter standing inside your house by the window, gazing out at the endless white and wishing for the vivid hues of yellow, orange, blue, green, etc. to envelop your senses? For those of you who may struggle with seasonal allergies, you may resoundingly say “NO!” For the rest of us, we’re shouting “Bring it on!”

I’m not sure about you, but during this winter our household experienced the highs and lows of the season. On the first significant snow day, my children were ecstatic to be able to stay home from school and rush out to play in the beautiful winter wonderland.

Snow is truly amazing. Did any of you experience the blue hue after shoveling that wet snow? I did, and I thought for sure my eyes were playing tricks on me, until I saw the report on the news and heard the explanation. I couldn’t help but think that God is an awesome Creator. My kids especially loved building snow forts, sledding, and sipping hot chocolate after a fun day of playing in the white stuff.

Fast forward a few snowstorms and repeated days off from school when I helped the kids in and out of snow paraphernalia, and soon the beauty started to fade for me as well as the kids. Happiness turned to complaining. We had to deliberately choose to focus on the good things in order to squelch our discontented attitudes.

It’s never easy to choose to change your negative thinking. However, I’m glad I have the Lord to help me focus on what’s real and to be thankful for it. In our home, we’ve had things to be thankful for such as daylight saving time, spring break that’s filled with fun activities, SPRING, and also Easter! My son keeps asking, “When is spring coming?” I have to smile, because isn’t it just like our human nature to want to rush along the seasons so that we can quickly get to the next one?

Have you ever felt that way as a mom? Do you wish your kids would just grow up? I think if we were all honest with ourselves, we all might be guilty of thinking that thought a time or two (or twenty). However, when I catch myself thinking that way, I’m reminded of some dear, wise older ladies at church who remind me to cherish these moments. How right they are with their sage advice. I need to enjoy these “Seasons in Life” as a mom and realize that it’s all right to look forward to the next season as long as it doesn’t get me griping over where I am in life.

So for now, we’re enjoying the winter season but are eagerly looking forward to the spring season and the new life that will blossom before our very eyes. We’re also looking forward to celebrating Easter and the resurrection of our Lord, for He alone is the giver of seasons and also new life in Him!



Article by Tara Titus

Author: Editor

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