Many in our society falsely assume that the Bible is a religious book filled with superstitious stories about God working in people’s lives. The Bible is also mocked by atheists who claim to be more knowledgeable than the God who gave them life. For decades, scholars made the front page of newspapers and magazines with their accusations of “errors”; all the while the archaeologists continued to uncover thousands of items confirming the accuracy of the Bible.  A simple online search of the key words “Biblical Archaeology” or “Biblical Artifacts” will confirm this premise.

As a Christian I BELIEVE the Bible is true, but as a serious student of Bible prophecy, history, and archaeology I KNOW the Bible is true.

Fulfilled Bible prophecy is God’s proof to a skeptical world. In the Bible, God calls us to believe by faith, but He does not call us to believe in a “blind faith.”

Fulfilled Bible Prophecy—God’s Proof to a Skeptical World

Hundreds of books have been written to document the fulfillment of ancient prophecies regarding people, places, events, and nations (Search “reasons.org/Bible Prophecy”). It is a faith-building experience to read about Daniel’s prophecies of nations, Daniel 9:24-27; David’s prophecy of crucifixion before it was invented, Psalm 22:16; and the prophecy of a king named Josiah who would dig up and burn the bones of false prophets on the altar of King Jeroboam, 1 Kings 13:2, 2 Kings 23:15-18; and over 300 prophecies fulfilled by Christ (Search “Godandscience.org/Prophecies of Jesus”).

As amazing as it is to look back in history and see the accuracy of the Bible, it is even more astounding to look at events in our lifetime that confirm the Bible is true. When talking to skeptics – family, friends, or co-workers – what do you say to them? Ask them to consider the single greatest proof that the Bible is true: The greatest fulfillment of prophecy in our lifetime is the rebirth of the nation of Israel. Jesus predicted the destruction of Jerusalem which was fulfilled in 70 AD and documented in the Arch of Titus – just a few blocks from the Roman Colosseum. The Bible predicted that the Jewish people would be scattered around the world, Deuteronomy 28:64, “And the Lord shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other.” But it also predicts that Israel will be regathered and the Jews will return to their homeland, Israel. Ezekiel 38:8, “After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people….”

The Greatest Fulfillment of Prophecy in our Lifetime—Israel!

There are over 1,500 prophecies about the second coming of Jesus in the Bible. But one thing is clear – the Jewish people MUST return to the land before the coming of Christ. Old Testament prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel both predicted the return of the Jewish people to their land after being scattered around the world – Ezekiel 36:24, 37:12, 14; Jeremiah 30:11, 31:10.

In one generation the Jewish people went from having no homeland to being a recognized nation.  In 1948, when Israel took its place among the nations of the world again for the first time in nearly 2,000 years, students of prophecy recognized the fulfillment of the primary sign that the end of the age was upon us. Many Bible scholars view the rebirth of Israel as the budding of the fig tree, Matthew 24:32-33. Others see the retaking of Jerusalem in 1967 as the fulfillment of this event. Learn more by searching TheCaringChurch.com/Sunday-Evening (see “Be Prepared” Series).

Most music lovers are familiar with the “old spiritual” called Dry Bones. This song sets to music the prediction from Ezekiel 37 picturing the rebirth of the nation of Israel as a valley of dry bones that becomes a mighty army. The fulfillment of this prediction is found in the Jewish people returning to their land in our lifetime.

We live in exciting days! We are witnesses to the fulfillment of prophecies made more than 2,000 years ago. We can understand that the current crisis in the Middle East absolutely fits a biblical scenario of the last days. A leader will rise out of the European Union to broker a peace treaty between the Jews and the Arabs “in the last days” (Daniel 9:27). This “world peace” does not last very long. Jesus predicted a 3½-year period of “great tribulation” on the earth (Matthew 24:21) before His return to the earth to set up His one thousand-year reign upon the earth, Revelation 20:4.

Yes, I know the Bible is true. The proof is found in history, prophecy, archaeology, and even in science.  But the most important truth found in the Bible is the subject of your eternal destiny. Everyone has a living soul that will live somewhere forever!  God gave us an accurate record of His dealings with people for one major purpose – to love us to himself.

If you have never made a personal commitment to become a true and genuine follower of Jesus Christ, consider His offer of love and forgiveness today. Please take five minutes and watch “The Truth about Eternity” (TheCaringChurch.com/the-truth).

Author: Scott Wendal

Scott Wendal is the founding and lead Pastor of Valley Forge Baptist in Collegeville, PA. He attained his Bachelor of Arts degree at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, in 1981. After completing a three-year internship in Fairfax, Virginia, Pastor Wendal came to the Valley Forge area in July 1984 to begin Valley Forge Baptist. Pastor Wendal and his wife, Jodie, have five children.