August 25, 2016Articles

Conquer Your Fears

Today, many frightening events are happening in our world that can tempt us to feel overwhelmed with fear and worry. Amid this environment, we find that in the entertainment industry apocalyptic stories are incredibly popular. Millions o...

August 25, 2016Church Stories

Help for Parents

Help for Parents Parenting Classes – Every Wednesday 7;15pm Technology is a two-edged sword for parents.  Smart phones and tablets bring the information of the world to the finger tips of our children.  But we are all very aware of th...

July 14, 2016Community Stories

The ShareJOY Run

Do you desire to help make a life-changing difference in other people’s lives? Many do, and most recognize that in helping others they too are blessed. In fact, Jesus said in Acts 20:35: “It is more blessed to give than to receive....

July 8, 2016Articles

Being a Godly Leader

Do you have a clear understanding of leadership?  Do you believe you are a leader?  How would you describe the term leadership? John Maxwell, a prominent leadership author and speaker says, “leadership is influence.”  Some studies...

July 7, 2016Community Stories

Discipleship 101

I’ll call him George. I had never met him before that day. He walked through our church doors one late Sunday afternoon to “catch the evening show” as he called it. George managed a printing press crew that worked through Saturday ...