August 24, 2013Community Stories, ,

Is God Fair?

“IT’S NOT FAIR!” you’ll hear people say. Yes, many things in this world are not fair. People ask, “How can God, who loves the world, send people to Hell?” The problem with that question is the premise upon which it is built. In rea...

July 19, 2013Personal Stories,


C.H. Spurgeon said, “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter.”  Many people have read or know about my testimony tract, “Armed and Dangerous.”  I have printed 72,000 of them, and a number of people also have print...

July 1, 2013Personal Stories

More Than Spring Cleaning

Before I had even opened the door and begun walking down the stairs, an awful dread filled my heart. I could ignore the situation no longer—my basement had to be cleaned. With visions of the producers of the infamous show “Hoarders...